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If you enjoy the content posted here for the #dodfam that is a mix of YouTube behind the scenes as well as the random thoughts and opinions of Dad, consider becoming a Patron. Your generosity can not only help keep the site running smoothly and efficiently but give me the opportunity to create even more content in video and written form. You can help support Dose of Dad.

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Dose of Dad Patron Rewards..

The Rewards system for the Dose of Dad are as Follows:

$1 Patrons

You get everything. Yes that’s right, EVERYTHING! Early access to YouTube videos, Patron only posts, Patron Polls and the ability to ask me questions via the community.

$5 Patrons

You receive everything form the previous Tier of rewards as well as a follow from me on your Social Media of choice. Also this tier receives their name in the sidebar of the #dodfam website as a supporter!

$10 Patrons

You receive everything from the previous tier of rewards. Your link the the side bar no contains a link to your social media of choice. This tier is perfect for other creators.

$20 Patrons

You receive everything from the previous tier of rewards. As a patron of this level each month you will be set as a “Sponsor” for one of the blogs here on the #dodfam website. For every Patron Sponsored Post it will contain a short bio about this Patron. Again this is great for other Creators. (limit 5)

$50 Patrons

This is the LEGENDARY Tier. You will receive all rewards from previous tiers. This Tier is extremely special as it involves Charlie as she is quite the aspiring little artist. She is consistently drawing fridge art and I get the pleasure of changing it out weekly. This is my opportunity to share this with you and it is limited to only 4 Patrons. I’m not out to start a toddler slave labor camp in my living room after all. Now her drawings at this point are pretty primitive and often don’t look like much of anything but each one will be labeled with what her description of it is. She is often very descriptive. This will be mailed to you Once each month in addition to all other rewards. (limit 4 per month)

What Dose of Dad will do with your money..

Simple, I need the #dodfam website to be self-sustaining. Be it through ad revenue or crowd funding, it’s the only way I can keep the lights on for the website and cover hosting costs. It’s why I set my first goal at $20 on Patreon that will cover my monthly hosting costs and get my office assistant a candy bar each month. After that, some money will go back into the webiste, some will go towards producing more YouTube Content. What’s left, I’m going to be honest, it will go towards Charlie. Without her, I wouldn’t have much to share with my readers or viewers. So it’s important to me that she always has everything she needs as well as a little bit of what she wants. Life as a single parent is often financially tight, so be it clothes, weekend trips, or maybe jsut finishing off a Christmas or Birthday request, a little bit goes a long way. In turn, better supporting Charlie gives me the ability to produce more content in both written and video form.

Support DadI can’t afford a monthly subscription to Patreon..

That’s ok! Just click the donate button to the right and enter your one time contribution. I know some will questions, the papabearyt url, that was my old Channel name and sadly, I have soo much connected to that paypal account, it wasn’t worth changing and I”m not responsible enough to keep up with multiple accounts! At least Ole Dad is honest right?

But I can’t afford support Dose of Dad..

Look, I get it! I am the first person that will tell you I understand what hard times are. The struggle of living paycheck to paycheck is REAL! There are more ways that you can support Dose of Dad and be a part of the #dodfam than just monetarily. Money is a luxury that I greatly appreciate. However I do not expect people to give me their hard earned money. The one thing that holds a greater value than money is sharing the Dose of Dad content! When you share my content with new readers, that grows my reach and audience. It brings awareness to my message and gives other people the opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals that may be facing the same life struggles. So if you can’t pitch in financially, you are still an important part of the #dodfam and can play a very crucial role!