No Poker Face for Depression

NOPE! That’s the word that echoed in my mind as I failed to fully record or edit a single video all weekend long. We have talked about being creatively frustrated before and how it can impact your ability to create. For me, I find a few days off are always the best to remedy those. I just step back, walk away for a short amount of time, and then I’m good to go again. On the other side of the coin however, fighting actual depression brought on by everyday life is a lot harder.

The Funk

I hate it, more so when I don’t understand why I’m in said funk. I think what bothers me more is my poker face is terrible, so trying to just fake it till I make it and continue recording videos is near impossible. The moment I upload a video and something else is on my mind, my audience calls me on it. Lately, it’s just been life kicking me in the teeth. First I got a little burnt out creatively and took a few days off. I felt a ton better, but that’s when things just started falling apart. Maybe it could be called a series of unfortunate events.

The Rule of 3

When bad fortune strikes, there is an old superstition of it coming in threes. For me over the past week, I’m not sure how my threes are being measured. On Valentine’s Day, I went to do my weekly pickup of the tiny human from her Mama’s because she wanted Daddy. On our trip home, my truck began making a awful noise. I slowed to nearly a crawl to limp it home.  I’ve not been that white knuckled on the wheel since I was a teenager driving whatever I had like I stole it. Maybe I was lucky though,and this was my “Rule of Three” all in one. Ball joints, wheel bearing, and tie rod ends at a whoppin’ smack of an $1100 quote. Of course I’m going to be getting a second opinion because I’m not buying it. Then again, it could be the car coupled with the pitcher of fresh tea I dropped and broke, the plate of glass I popped out of my french doors with the broom, or the hot water handle that broke off the bathroom sink.

Step Back and Regroup

So I’m handling it the way I handle most situations. I’m stepping back and taking it one thing at a time. Honestly that’s all anyone can do when life seems to be throwing everything under the sun at you. When you just keep trying to swing and fight, and not assess the situation, it typically gets worse…much worse. One thing that helps me the most is eliminating non essential stress. That’s why whenever things get overwhelming for me, blogs or videos are the first thing to go. I love creating, BUT they are also extremely stressful. As a creator, I want to put out an outstanding product, and if I’m truthful, when my mind is other places, I fail miserably at just that. I also know that YOU GUYS will call me on it and instantly give me the 5th degree on what’s up and what you can do to help.  Most of the time, it’s just everyday life that everyone experiences.


So tell me guys, what do you do to decompress, fight the funk, and get back on track when life just starts kicking you in the teeth and feel all too overwhelming?


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