No, I’m not Dead….Not Yet

It’s been a good chunk of time since I have posted here on I’m sure many of you felt I had abandoned the site. To be honest, for a short time, I did. I was frustrated, tired, and honestly, going through the Christmas Craft series, I burned out. Now, however, I’m back! Ole Dad is ready to hop back in the saddle and start sharing with the dodfam again! The time away from writing has let me pen a whole lot of ideas that I want to bring to fruition. I’ve been pushing YouTube extremely hard over the past 2 months. That experience has been nothing short of amazing! I have managed to grow the channel to the point where we are moving in towards 500 subscribers, but I still don’t feel like my work there is a true reflection of me…YET.


The VLOG has been super successful as I said over the past 2 months. Telling the story of fatherhood is something I very much want to keep as a key component to Dose of Dad; however, I feel like there is much more to my “Dadness”, specifically who I am as a person. Yes I’m a Dad first and foremost, but I have hobbies and topics that I enjoy outside of being a Dad. My goal in the coming weeks/months is to slowly introduce you guys to these things.



Let’s be honest once more, the blog died for a short time. I haven’t touched it or even logged into it to update things. I feel extremely bad about it, as I know it was becoming a normal part of your weekly routines to hop on and read what Dad was talking about for the day. The fact is, I want to get this going again, but more so I want to use this as a place to open up discussions and talk about topics that I really can’t make a video about. It will be a massive transition, but a fun one.


The Future

This is what’s breathing some life back into Ole Dad. Not being able to shake the feeling of my content getting repetitive, boring and stale, I have found myself wanting to re-visit my roots in how I got started. I started as a Live Streamer, a big NerDaddy if you will. The main reason I stopped was the loss of my streaming PC, suffering a fate worse than death. I went to strictly a vlog and vod channel, leaving a very core part of who and what I am behind. I love nerd culture. I love movies, games, television, comic books, and many other nerdy things. I also enjoy talking about them. That’s why starting this month, you are not only going to start seeing some of that content return on the YouTube Channel, you will also see some of it return here to Dose of Dad and the website in Blog format! I’m extremely excited because many of these things are things I’m truly passionate about outside of Parenting.


I look forward to taking this journey and showing you guys a little bit MORE of myself. I hope you enjoy it and decide to stick around, but if not, some of the same content that got you here to begin with will still be coming out! I’ve missed you guys and I look forward to getting back into this grind!

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