Millennials – It was a parenting problem

Millennials, this is what happens when everyone gets a trophy right? I have even used that term myselfto describe some extremely sensitive snowflakes I have encountered in my travels across the internet. The real question here though, is who is to blame? Is it the child who received the trophy or the adult who didn’t want them to learn that in life there are winners and losers? I remember my younger years, I played youth basketball for a few years. I remember at the end of every season we would get a participation trophy just for showing up. Boy, was I proud of that thing! For years it sat in my room with a net draped over it. I thought I was something.

As time went on and I grew older, I started having to learn the real hard life lessons. That trophy I got for “just showing up” meant less and less. The sense of pride and accomplishment I had, faded, to the point that I remember one Spring when doing some Spring cleaning, I tossed it in the garbage where it belonged. I never earned or achieved anything for it, so why was I rewarded? The pride of ownership in my “trophy” was gone and all emotional attachment was null and void. There are a lot of common complaints about millennials.

So Lazy and Uneducated!

Oh really? I find that interesting since Millennials when leaving high school were faced with some of the hardest economic times since the great depression. This was of course on top of some of the highest tuition rates this nation has ever seen. I was fortunate. I worked my guts out all through college and walked away with my education debt free. I changed a lot of tires, cut a lot of grass, hammered a lot of nails and fixed many a computer to be able to say that. I did all that while maintaining a 3.5 GPA or higher at ALL times.

Financially ignorant

I won’t be able to retire because 401k has not proven to be something you can trust. Social security is a joke and unless I sock back several grand a month, every month, from now until I want to retire, I probably will not be retiring until the undertaker comes to take me away. It has nothing to do with financial responsibility or intelligence. It has everything to do with the fact that I know the Baby Boomers and generations before me are going to squander away my “Social Security Retirement” many years before it’s ever due to be in my hands. I’m going to focus on doing things I enjoy now and taking time when I need it, before I’m too old to enjoy it and my retirement isn’t prosperous enough to afford it.

Can’t carry on conversations

That’s right, most can’t. The mere thought of social interaction unnerves some of us. Why wouldn’t it? Remember Mom and Dad, you are the ones that sent us home alone after school. The only thing there for us to interact with was television, and by the mid 90’s the internet. So yes, while you were off keeping the lights on and making sure there was food on the table, we were at home raising ourselves, and carrying on our social lives via a new medium. Now I don’t want this to come across as unappreciative, but did I really need a new bike EVERY year on my birthday, or would some quality family time spread throughout the year have been too much to ask?

Unrealistic expectations

Again, thanks Mom and Dad. I seem to remember the words of “Work hard, go to college, and you can have anything you want”. When entering the real world, it doesn’t take long to figure out that’s a crock of shit. I went to college, I work my guts out, but I still don’t have anything I want. At this point in my life I think the only thing I really want is to not have to work so hard. I’d like to slow down and spend more quality time with Charlie, as opposed to just being in the same house. Those expectations were set by our parents, with constant positive reinforcement, to the point that the real world would smack us in the face like a brick. Again, I was fortunate. I had an outstanding mother who taught me these hard lessons at the right times.  Many out there had some really lazy parents.

So about that Trophy

Who gave us the trophy? Who told us that the world couldn’t hurt us, and who set those crazy expectations. Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, or whatever you would like to call them. For me, I fall in the gap where I could classify as Gen X, Gen Y, or Millennials. The way I have adapted to the world, I would probably classify more of a Generation X. The reality of it is, screw your labels because they are foolish to begin with. But the point of this is that I don’t really blame Millennials. I pity many of them, because bless their sweet little hearts, they have the best intentions. Unfortunately, they are ill equipped to dig their heels in and fight for themselves and what’s right. You can’t always worry about the world, sometimes you have to stand up for you and yours.

Final thoughts…

The generation before me likes to point out how much of a worthless shithead I am. I guess I can agree because being that the generation before me broke the economy, left the environment in ruin, made the rich richer, the poor poorer, and single handedly did this after being given the easiest full house hand over any other generation ever…Yeah, I’m a worthless shithead. Enough about my thoughts and opinions here though. I know I have members of the #dodfam that stretch across all the generations and I’d love to hear your thoughts! So sound off in the comments below!

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