Jack Skellington Glitter Ornament – Cheap Christmas Crafts for Kids

Please remember, I’m not crafty, I’m not a tutorial maker, and I have about as much passion for glitter and glue as every other guy out there. What I do enjoy though, is spending time with the tiny human and finding crafty things she enjoys doing to share with her. So that’s what this month is all about! Let Charlie have a little creative fun, get her excited for Christmas, and enjoy some quality time! Today we are making Jack Skellington Glitter Ornaments!


  • Black Paint
  • Glitter Ornament
  • Stencil (optional)



This project is super simple and easy! I am including the template for this. You can print this out at the approximate size of your Glitter Ornament. Cut out the black parts, tape it to your ornament, and let the kids paint over. For older kids and adults you can attempt to free hand like I did here (I was out of Printer Ink). I wouldn’t recommend letting the tiny humans try to free hand, or it will be a mess and look nothing like Jack. But even at that, they will have a blast painting!

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