Impractically Practical Tested Advice on Bringing Up Kids [Community Contribution]

Yes, I am old. I admit it freely. In fact, I own it. It lets me get away with things I knew I couldn’t get away with when I was younger, and it gives me bragging rights. I can say I am one of the lucky ones that made it this far with at least half of her sanity, and a body that still allows me to get around. That makes me a not so sparkly example that you can make it through the “raising children” stage of your life without ending up in prison or a padded room. All it takes is a strange sense of humor and a case of wooden spoons. Spoons are optional.


From the day your first bundle of joy is born, the outpouring of advice will begin. “Do this”, “do that”, “you should”, “you shouldn’t”…it is overwhelming and never ending. Just use that great trick you learned as a kid…you know the one. The smile and nod mechanic that makes everyone sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Everybody does it different; your mom did, you will, your kids will, and their kids will. It is one of the biggest “live and learn” experiences you will ever have.

Now I am not saying ALL advice is bad…

  1. If someones says, “Don’t use Duct Tape”, take that advice. It saves you a lot of grief later.
  2. Don’t put naked baby on a couch or in the middle of your bed, unless you LIKE doing laundry.
  3. If a child says, “I’m going to puke”, BELIEVE THEM, even though it is already too late.
  4. Can’t get your kid to answer when called, do chores, or pay attention? Unplug the internet, it is magic!
  5. The only reason you want real cloth diapers is for spit rags and dog chew toys. Don’t even try!
  6. If your kids are being nice to each other, be afraid…be very afraid.
  7. Expect to learn where every bathroom, in every store in a 100 mile radius, is located.
  8. Pack an extra suitcase in the car containing extra pants, shirts, shoes, socks and underwear. That is just for you…the kid will need two suitcases and a backpack.
  9. Learn to carry a backpack.
  10. Learn to laugh, even though you want to cry.

There it is…my first tip or bit of advice, if you like. Just remember, I am an old lady that just loves to share my wisdom and give great advice, especially when not wanted or needed. It’s one of the perks of surviving this long.

Life is way too short to be serious ALL the time. Smile more, laugh often and hug the kids IF you can catch them.

C’ya Soon,



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