Love builds heirlooms

Love builds Heirlooms..

For many Dads, after the initial shock and fear of becoming a father has subsided, a desire to give their kids the world takes over. Dec. 28th 2012 was the day I was told I was going to be a father. I will never forget the day. I remember my wife unhinging the bathroom door and momentarily I thought she was having a seizure before I understood what was happening. Some laughter was had as well as a few tears as Charlie was a child of labor. It wasn’t long before the desire to give me soon to be tiny human everything. What I didn’t realize was over the next 9 months, I would learn that love build heirlooms.

heirloom changing tableIngenuity..

I’ve always been good with my hands. I have built house, buildings of great stature and furniture that will stand the test of time. At this point it’s even safe to say I build a pretty darn good human or at least carry the blueprints. When I found out my wife and I were expecting, I knew I wanted to do something special. After looking at nursery furniture and the inflated costs, I told my wife “We aren’t going to buy her nursery, I’m going to build it”. As you can imagine, it raised my wife’s eyebrows as at the time, I had a circular saw and a hammer left over from my days as a general contractor. There was no way I was going to let that stop me. Remember, Love builds Heirlooms.

Quickly I began researching crib design. I knew the changing table and chest of drawers would be no issue and would be finished quickly, the crib, every safety precaution was taken into account. Much time was spent in the documentation for Crib Safety, anything that the federal government required for safety, I took one step further. By the time I had finished designing, it was something in the likes of which have likely never been seen.

heirloom crib start

A little bit of dust..

I quickly hit the basement or as I referred to it “My Workshop”. As predicted, the Chest of Drawers and Changing table were both done within just a few short weeks. The only investment I made was Kreg Jig. I would spend hours down there, measuring 3-4 times, cutting, sandy, assembling. It was peaceful for me. They turned out wonderful, the only complaint that my wife had was that I sat them in our den 7 months before Charlie was due to enter this world. Dark ebony stain making them almost look solid black with a high gloss sheen. I was proud, but I didn’t¬†realize what I was about to accomplish. After all, Love builds heirlooms.

One odd job at a time..

Anyone who has ever done any type of woodworking knows, it’s expensive. Materials, tools, the costs become astronomical. So I did what any smart man would do, I bought a little bit here and there as I went. By the time the Dresser and Changing table were done, word was getting out of my handy work. By this point, I had even picked up a Scroll Saw. I made more money with a scroll saw than I ever made with any other piece of woodworking equipment. It paid for my daughters nursery a few times over. I would spend hours hunkered over that thing cutting out custom wooden monograms for local craft vendors and wreath makers. Finally, I had enough to pay for all the materials for the Crib.

I remember by this time, my wife was getting nervous, it was about 3 months until Charlie was due into this world and I hadn’t even gotten started. Finally one afternoon my wife came home from work and was almost in tears as I had spent nearly the entire day in the basement working. The shop was a disaster and the dust so thick you could barely breathe but the foundations of a crib had began.

heirloom crib finished 3Attention to detail..

There isn’t any way I can logic out why I wanted my baby girl to have something truly unique. It was important to me, I wanted to give her something that I knew nobody else would ever have. Many Dads joke about bulletproof cars and bars on the windows. I may have taken this just a step too far. Charlie has the only crib I know of that is actually, BULLET PROOF. I remember the first time I ever posted images of it on social media, people had the question, “How will you keep her from rolling out?”. The responses I got when explaining that there were actually sides there it was merely poly-carbonate (bullet proof) glass. I still chuckle when I see them show up in my Facebook memories.

heirloom crib finished 1A Labor of love..

I have built a lot of things through the years. Saying that I enjoyed this project is an understatement. This was purely a labor of love for me. I took home the lesson that Love builds an heirlooms. When Charlie made the transition to a big girl bed a few months ago. I remember fighting back a few tears. My heart broke a little as I disassembled the crib piece by piece and began storing it away in a closet. But I remember, Love builds heirlooms. This project was a labor of love, I’m not going to be setting this to the curb or donating it to goodwill. It will stay with me until maybe one day, Charlie may have Children of her on. At that point she will take it to one day raise my grand-babies in (if I ever allow her to date). It will finally hold the title of Heirloom proudly as it was a project of passion and love and Love builds Heirlooms.


What are the thoughts from the #dodfam? Have any of you ever made anything for your children that you hope turns into something they can pass down through the generations? Let me know in the comments down below!

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