Charlie Crafts Halloween Bats!

We are headed for Halloween later this month, so Charlie and I have been taking on a few craft projects. It’s something easy, fun, and inexpensive ,which is always important as a single parent. Charlie had a blast making these and was so proud when they were finished! Little things like this are a sanity saver especially as we head into soggy weather and cooler temperatures that may keep us indoors! So I want to show you how we made these Halloween Bats so you can make them with your tiny human!

1. It all starts with the Toilet Paper Roll!

The Bodies of our Halloween Bats are made from simple toilet paper rolls. So stock up on a few! If your house is anything like ours, we go through TP fairly quickly so you can have a half dozen or so fairly quickly. If you don’t have TP rolls, paper towel rolls will work as well, just cut them about the length of a TP roll. Be sure that you get any excess toilet paper off the rolls so it doesn’t become a gooey mess in your paint. Paint the outside of the rolls with black paint. Flat Black Acrylic paint works well for this and it covers fairly easily. I found mine in Jet Black at Wal-Mart for 50 cents! Go cheap crafty Dad, right?!

2. The Bat Body

Once your Toilet Paper rolls are dried, fold the tops down to overlap in the center. You can secure them with a dab of hot glue from the glue gun (or a little Elmers works well too). This will give us that bat ears look and keep it secured. The other end you can do the same to it as well, or wait and fill them with candy before sealing and make them into treat bags. How cool right? Treat filled Halloween bats!

3. The Wings

Get yourself some black construction paper and fold it in half across the width. Mark in approximately half an inch. When unfolded, this is the portion of the wings you will glue to the back of your Halloween bats. Get creative here! Make different styles of wings and turn your tiny one loose with the kids safety scissors. Just keep a close eye because if yours is like mine, she will want to play hair stylist when nobody is looking! Once you have your wings cut out, glue them to one side of the bat, parallel to the ears. If you plan to hang these up, now is the time to put a piece of yarn about 24″ between the TP roll and the wings to be glued on with it.

4. The eyeballs

Googly eyes! I love googly eyes. I must have been a corny craft lord in a former life, because any time I can play with googly eyes, I take advantage of it. If you don’t have them at your disposal, you can always paint some on or make them with construction paper. That’s it! YOU ARE DONE! If you chose to fill with candy, this is the point you will fill with your treats of choice and glue the other end closed, or just glue it closed empty for decor!

Halloween Bats Sooo Spooky!

Or “That’s too Scary!” as Charlie would put it! While the end product may have been a little too frightening for her, she had a great time making these Halloween Bats and I’m sure your tiny humans will as well. Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think of this craft idea. If you happen to re-create this with your tiny humans, I would LOVE to see the finished products and maybe we could start doing a monthly post of the tiny humans doing things from here on


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  1. I am going to bet her fav part was painting Black! LOL She really did a great Job! Love it.

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