Finding the Silver Lining

Tuesday we talked about the things life throw at you and how it can bring on depression. Then there are those rare occurrences where life throws things at you that just make you say “Nobody is going to believe this actually happened!”. Today is a day I find myself in just this very situation. As I talked about in the last blog there have been issues with my truck. This morning I call the 2nd shop where I intend to get a second opinion. Their driver shows up and seems extremely nice, I watched them load the vehicle on the truck and drive away.


Approximately 45 minutes after the tow truck leaves I get a call from the shop. I instantly think “WOW! That is quick to get back to me with a quote!”. Well, they weren’t exactly getting back to me with a quote, I answer the phone and the first thing I hear I hear after confirming it’s me is “I just want to let you know, everything is okay, BUT…..” Now, if you’re a parent, you realize the moment you hear “Everything is okay, BUT…” Things are not O.K.! They are typically nowhere near being okay. The tow truck carrying my truck had been involved in an accident and my truck was damaged.

Instantly they were assuring me that it would be taken care of which is fine. Being me however, I just wanted to know how bad the damages were. Apparently someone had pulled out in front of the tow driver and there was an accident. In the accident my truck hit the headache rack of the roll back wrecker it was being transported on and damaged the hood slightly. I could tell the woman on the phone was in a slight panic and upset.


When you’re a single father living paycheck to paycheck. Opportunity is something you’re constantly looking for. I have an extensive history as not only a gear head but a business owner. Knowing the costs of a replacement hood were high; I also knew what the insurance claim could potentially mean for the shop owner. The first thing I asked was how bad the damages truly were. Did the hood still open and close? Did it still close securely? Was it damaged to the point there was a risk of a “fly up”? Based on everything they told me and the photo sent to me, I told them not to worry about it, lets work it out on the bill. I KNOW my repair costs are going to be high on my truck. There is a ton wrong with it, so why not seize this opportunity to make this a mutually beneficial situation for both of us. Plus, the truck is a piece of junk I just want to get another year out of.

The Silver Lining

One thing I notice as I get older is that people my age and younger, typically have absolutely no respect for other people. Empathy, compassion, concern and care are things that nobody really care about anymore. I could easily get angry and throw a self entitled tantrum and not have any understanding that sometimes things just happen. On the other hand, that’s not going to build an effective working relationship with a local business that I will very likely need again in the future. By telling them not to worry about it and lets just work it out on the bill, I’m already at ease because they did the right thing and contacted me. There are many other businesses in this area that would have just repaired the damages and never told me but they went above and beyond and it speaks leaps and bounds of their integrity. In turn, I’m going to walk away with a repair bill that should be much easier for me to handle. We will both walk away happy in the end hopefully. Sometimes, you have to slow down and look for that silver lining. It’s all about perspective.

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