Meet Dad

Dose of Dad w/CharlieWho is Dose of Dad?

Welcome to Dose of Dad! A parenting blog owned and operated by me – Daniel Peters. I’m a single father to a beautiful daughter. A work-at-home support Center Specialist for one of the largest virtual call centers in the world. I reside in the semi-rural areas of Central Kentucky.

This site is for the everyday dad, but it’s a parenting site first. In fact if my YouTube history follows me into the blogosphere. It’s safe to say that my readers/viewers will continue to be made of moms. Which I’m cool with because there are a lot of bad ass moms out there too that I have had the opportunity to build some amazing relationships with.

If you’re a parent that just wants to share in the victories and shortcomings of a single father then you’re in the right place. Welcome to the Family.

Before Dose of Dad..

Dose of Dad Proud DadStanding in the hospital hallway in late August pacing back and forth. Waiting to enter the OR because Charlie was coming into this world ready or not! I was so nauseous nervous. Take my warning Dads, sympathy illness is a thing. I remember the trash can outside the Nursery OR doors. What an odd place for a trash can I remember thinking. 10 minutes passed, then 20 minutes, then it hit me what the trash can was for. The overwhelming rush of nerves finally got the better of me. Typically I’m not someone that nerves gets to, but on this day I was unable to be a stone cold tough guy. I remember the nurse at the nursery door asking me if this was my first as I wiped my mouth with the conveniently placed paper towels.

I don’t think this is a day I will ever forget. Looking back, I don’t remember the last time I had an ear to ear smile but I did on this day. She was absolutely beautiful. Not much bigger than a Pekingese pup but she was perfect none the less.

Finding your worth..

A few months before my daughter hit two I was at a point that I was unhappy in my marriage. There had been infidelity. The kids had been taken around the other involved, someone that in my eyes was nothing more than an internet stranger. It was a fight that was tearing me apart inside and I wasn’t willing to continue on. A man can only swallow his pride so much. In retrospect, it wasn’t even the infidelity that drove me nearly mad. Knowing that I’m a damn good father and having it written off. It was unforgivable for me. There was no other alternative but filing for divorce. I didn’t know how else to regain control of life and my own self worth.

The Birth of Dose of Dad..

I don’t regret my marriage at all. I was already a good Dad but post-divorce I honestly became a better Dad than I ever thought I could possibly be. Much of that owed to the people I met through my time on YouTube with their constant support. I took some hard life lessons about love and relationships. Going forward, I know without doubt what I do and do not want. My motto is “I know what I bring to the table and I’m not afraid to eat alone.” My goal is to inspire other Dad’s out there to step up and embrace the role of Dad. Involve themselves and understand that they CAN do this. No matter what everyone tells them. Trust me, if I had a nickel for every time someone told me I needed to find a woman to help raise my daughter. I could retire.

This blog is merely a much more manageable extension of everything I do on YouTube. A platform for me to break down the day to day thoughts and opinions of mine as a Dad.  Put them in a much more digestible format. A Dose of Dad! So I must say, Welcome to the #dodfam