Back to my Roots

It was 2015. I needed an escape. Life was pretty much kicking my rear. I found a streamer one day on YouTube by the name of Agentcore. He was playing EA StarWars Battlefront.  Honestly, I was instantly hooked and became a regular in his streams. Soon, I found myself wanting to try streaming. The engagement, and the people, were all something that interested me, and gaming was a passion of mine. I have always been a gamer: shooters, RPG’s and MMO’s. I grew up saving Peach, battling through Hyrul, and playing about every obscure title I could find on consoles growing up. Already having a really nice PC, I invested in an Elgato for my console, and I was off to the races streaming.


Ironically, I began over on Twitch. Being new and not knowing any better, I started my new adventure like many others do, thinking “I will just go live and people will show up!” Well, it sorta worked that way, but the audience I pulled in on Twitch, I honestly didn’t want. I quickly learned why Twitch had a reputation of being a very toxic community. Being a new streamer, I really did not know how to handle that type of thing and I quickly became discouraged and quit.


YouTube Gaming

After some time passed, I took the advice of Agentcore. I gave YouTube Gaming a try, which was the new kid on the block. Shortly after the transition, The Division released, and I was hooked heavily on The Division. I must have played that game 7 nights a week for months on end. I built a small empire on that single title. Sounds great right? 20-30 people every night for a small streamer just starting out? I will be the first to tell you, it was horrible. The moment I got sick of the game and changed the title, I lost my audience. I struggled so hard to figure out what I was doing wrong. Again, like many streamers, I went to blaming the platform. It’s YouTube’s fault. By early Summer 2016, Mixer was becoming a thing. I made the choice to give it a try.



When I moved to Mixer (at the time it was called Beam), I was again hoping for just a stroke of luck. However, luck really had nothing to do with my time at Mixer. I had been streaming off and on for almost a year. The YouTube Channel had grown to right at 1k subs. I was finding my voice, some confidence, and feeling good about what I was doing. I learned the most valuable lesson any streamer can learn at this point. It’s NOT about the games. It’s about the people, the relationships, and the conversation. The game DOES NOT MATTER.


I can tell you the moment that all of this clicked for me. I was streaming a game I don’t even remember at this point. What I do remember is Charlie wanting to be extra involved that night. She saw a Barbie game advertised on Playstation Now and wanted to play it. At the request of Chat, we changed it up to do things a little different. She got her wish and we played Barbie and Sisters puppy rescue. Riding our little bike through town looking for lost puppies. Then it happened, I was raided by one of the largest streamers on Mixer, RocketBear. After this, things began to click with me. The game didn’t matter. It was the engagement. It was the people. It was making a connection that keeps folks coming back regardless of what you’re playing.


The End of an Era..

Sadly, not long after, my PC went belly up and the money to repair it was not an option. I had become more heavily involved in vlogging and absolutely loved the idea of documenting my life as Dad with Charlie. The down side, I joined a network with YouTube: Scale Labs. If I have any piece of advice for a creator, it’s don’t waste your time with a network. I could not get away from them and they were doing absolutely nothing to “help” like they promised. So after much debate, I decided, I can rebuild this all again. I deleted my YouTube Channel and started again in 2017. Since then, I have been plugging away documenting my life as Dad. In summer of 2017 came the re-brand. It was the end of Papa Bear and the birth of Dose of Dad, the launch of the website, the push in blogging, the push in vlog and video content, and it’s been a crazy ride ever since.


Old Habits Die Hard..

Even though I have seen PHENOMENAL success as a small content creator on YouTube, I have missed my origins. I find myself still fairly active within the streamer community both on Mixer and YouTube. That’s why, starting in March, I will be returning to streaming on a part time basis. One stream each week will be on YouTube, and multiple streams through the week will be on Mixer. It’s exciting to be stepping back into the arena of streaming. I feel like I’m more centered and understand more of what my voice is, and the type of entertainment I want to provide. Hopefully I can offer a unique perspective in streaming now as I cross the boundaries between Dad Life, Social Media and Nerd Culture.


I am building a new PC designed for editing and streaming. Videos will still be a large part of what I do, and so will blogging. Streaming will also begin to be thrown into the mix, and to be honest, I haven’t been this excited in quite some time. I look forward to this new venture. I am excited to share the process with you guys both here on the website and in the VLOG! Let me know your thoughts, are you excited to see a return to streaming from Dose of Dad?!

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